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R&D Strength

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Adhesive Resin R&D Institute, possessing a team of well-qualified engineers and a series of advanced analytical instruments, cooperating with GICCAS, SYSU, etc, dedicates to the development of eco-friendly adhesive, and contributes to adhesive technology transformation & improvement of the industry by solving problems arising from users’ application. We also have a good planning on mature cleaning production process, technical and marketing promotion.

Adhesive Resin R&D Institute is a research and development institute authorized by provincial government。 It has undertaken a great many national and international projects, focusing on specific research areas。 Nowadays it has been about to establish the Post-doctoral Fellowship, and take part in the international talent competition to choose the suitable researchers, so as to train more senior technology innovation talents and management talents for the enterprise。

School-enterprise Cooperation Base

1、Technology R&D Project of Environmentally Friendly Anti-yellowing Cold-bonding Hybrid Water-based Adhesive

2、Cooperation Projec of Environmentally Friendly High-performance Anti-yellowing Core Shell Copolymer Water-based Adhesive

3、Single Component Ambient Cure Water-based Acrylic Multipurpose Adhesive

4、Single Component Ambient Fast-drying Water-based Foaming Adhesive

Production-study-research Cooperation Partnership


1、International Cooperation Project of No Emission Solvent-free PU Adhesive Series for Shoes and Food Packaging

2、Technology R&D Project of Adhesive for Shoes, Oil Polishing and Surface Finishing

Science & Technology Awards

1、Provincial New Key Products

Manufacture of Pure soluble PU adhesive for shoes in sealing process 

2、Civic Technology Achievement

Manufacture of PU modified CR. grafted adhesive for shoes by waste PU materials

Manufacture of Pure soluble PU adhesive for shoes in sealing process

No triphenyl PU adhesive for shoes with heavy metal free catalyzer

3、Civic Technology Progress Achievement

Manufacture of PU modified CR。 grafted adhesive for shoes by waste PU materials

Development of PU adhesive for shoes

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